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Automated Patient Reminders and More!

Patient appointment reminders are the quickest and easiest way to cut back on no-shows and connect with patients. How much are no-shows costing your practice? Too much! A single no-show a day can result in $78,000 lost in annual revenue. Ouch. Medical Appointment reminders can soothe this pain—while making patients happier. Over 80 percent of patients preferring text message reminders.

Text, Email, and Phone Appointment Reminders

With the most advanced and intelligent appointment reminder system on the market, your practice is able to deliver personal reminders to all patients, based on their preferences and the appointment type they have scheduled. Patients can receive appointment reminders with specific pre-appointment instructions or information in the way they choose through:

  • Text SMS message appointment reminders—with automated name, date, and customizable messaging
  • Phone call appointment reminders—recorded by your staff and then automated to the date and time you want
  • Email appointment reminders—automated name, date, time, plus customizable images, office info, social media, and referral links

Now you can send medical appointment reminders the way patients prefer all while saving your staff time.

HCD Conversions

Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention—whether you're at the office or the beach. With its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant.

Patients appointment reminders don't require an app download or register for a portal. The whole thing is just ridiculously easy.

For patients, communication’s never been easier. Nothing to download. No need to register. Just text and get answers. How awesome is that?!?

Are you sending text appointment reminders to patients?If not, you should be. Here are three big reasons why:

  1. 95% of Millennials say they want to receive text message appointment reminders and other texts from your office.
  2. The preference for appointment reminder text messaging extends to older generations as well. Two-thirds of Boomers want texts from their providers.
  3. More options = better communication. Add our text appointment reminder service to email and voice calls to totally meet patient preferences.

Follow Up

Intelligent patient recall from HCD maintains high patient volume and increases practice revenue.

  • Proactive messaging – HCD improves ongoing care for patients by automatically delivering messages before a patient is due for a continuing care appointment. We’ll connect if they’re overdue as well.
  • Customizable settings – The content and design of patient recall messages are unique to your practice. Adjust scheduled delivery times, branding, or message text all based on individual practice preferences.
  • Simplified scheduling – Streamline the scheduling process for patients through HCD patient recall. Patients can easily schedule upcoming appointments with a click of a button directly from the recall message.

Check out the stats for Virginia Eye Institute!

They’ve improved recall bookings with automated messages.

Virginia Eye Institute has had dramatic results since switching to  a cloud-based patient relationship management software. In the first month, they were able to book 2,000 recare appointments, and in one year and  had brought in an additional $1.6M in revenue for the practice. Not only has Virginia Eye Institute seen an increase in revenue, the automated reminders have helped them reduce the number of missed appointments.


Founded in 1976, Virginia Eye Institute is one of the largest ophthalmology practices in Virginia. With 27 ophthalmologists and eight optometrists, Virginia Eye Institute provides a full-range of eye care expertise in eight locations throughout Virginia. With so many specialties and locations, they needed an easy way to manage their patient communication.  In the first month, they were able to book 2,000 recare appointments, and in one year had brought in an additional $1.6M in revenue for the practice. Not only has Virginia Eye Institute seen an increase in revenue, the automated reminders have helped them reduce the number of missed appointments. 2,000 recare appointments booked in 30 days Additional $1.6M in recare revenue Nearly 0% no-show rate  In the first 30 days, 2,000 recare appointments were booked thanks to the automation. This number AUTOMATIC SURVEY MESSAGES The practice’s online reviews have dramatically increased as well. They chose settings in so each patient receives a survey within 24 hours after their appointment. A lot of the patients leave positive reviews, which are then linked to Virginia Eye Institute’s Facebook page and website, so potential patients can read about how great the practice is. “I’m getting really good information and feedback,” “The patients have would have taken the previous vendor six to eight months to achieve. It gets even better, with a year of automated recall messages, Virginia Eye Institute saw an additional $1.6 million in revenue for the practice. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down! MORE REMINDERS AND CONFIRMATIONS Virginia Eye Institute has seen a huge drop in no-show appointments since they started taking advantage of automated appointment reminders. They had been using a call center to manually call each patient two days before their appointment reminding them of the time and place. The automated reminders not only replace these phone calls, but they also track appointment confirmations. “We have reduced the amount of no-shows so much the doctors are really surprised when a patient doesn’t keep an appointment. It’s the one-stop shop for everything that everybody needs in your organization


Primary care patients overwhelmingly say that they would like to schedule their own appointments online. Crazy, right? Think how much time that could save you. Now they can do just that from their phone, tablet, desktop, or an app in your office.

Self-scheduling improves:

  • No-show rates
  • Patient loyalty
  • Office efficiency

When it is time to book an appointment, your patients will appreciate the convenient and user-friendly self-scheduling tools your practice can offer through HCD.

According to a recent survey, patient digital self-scheduling is set to soar during the next years with at least 66% of health systems ready to embrace digital medical scheduling only in the US. This is remarkable news for developers of medical appointment scheduling software  who have long anticipated the growing market potential for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Rather than keeping your patients hanging on the phone for minutes, why not prepare your healthcare business for the clickable future?


Primary Care Wait List Messaging

Healthcare patients hate waiting. Especially to be seen by their family physician. But did you know that 91 percent of patients say they would accept a last-minute appointment opening?

With the HCD platform, you can do just that. When a cancellation occurs, you can automatically send an email or text message to those patients with the date and time for the now-available appointment. The message encourages patients to call ASAP and claim the open slot in your schedule.

Primary Care Online Reviews Management

Seventy-seven percent of patients check out online reviews as their first step when selecting a primary care provider. So start using your strongest patient relationships to build new ones.

Text a link to your patient’s phone while they are in your office, and you can get those positive reviews where you need them the most.


Preventive Medicine Plan

Primary care providers have limited time with patients. This makes it hard for patients, providers, and staff. Patients forget about 80% of what a physician tells them before they get home—making compliance difficult—and more payments are being based on the quality of care and patient outcomes. Send a preventive medicine plan to patients to manage diagnoses with with reminders and a schedule to follow as well as information about the diagnosis.